Student Club Activities


BSS has established a Child Club in the coordination of a student of grade 9 to motivate the students to play a leading role in every development activity of society,  to create a child-friendly environment in every activity organized at school, and to develop a feeling of being a social being.

  • 30 to 35 students from grades 6 to 9 are nominated as the representative members and a teacher is nominated as the patron to conduct, monitor, and direct the club.
  • The duration of the club is an academic session and the termination of the post is as per the policy of the school.
  • The Patron teacher should conduct meeting regularly, facilitate the agendas, keep a record of the decisions, facilitate to enhance the social feeling among the students, motivate and encourage the students for active participation in the programs conducted by the school and invite the principal, the vice-principal and the coordinator to the meeting compulsorily.
  • The members of the club should help to create a child-friendly environment, make an effort to establish a peaceful and disciplined environment, publish wall magazine regularly, participate in every activity conducted by the school and the students, be focused towards learning and help other students to be focused and follow the instructions of the patron teacher.

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