Dance & Musics

Dance & Music Classes

BSS has formed a Music, Singing, and Dancing Sub-committee to identify the students who are talented and interested in the field and to motivate them to be active in these activities.

  • A Cultural Group of the maximum of 15 member students is formed with the students from grades 6 to 9 which supports the sub-committee during programs.
  • The duration of the club is an academic session and the termination of the post (responsibility) is as per the policy of the school.
  • Singing and dancing competitions are organized according to the academic calendar and the students are encouraged to participate actively, and they are also encouraged to participate in the competitions organized outside the school.
  • The record of every meeting and program is kept.
  • The coordinator teacher is responsible for materials management for competitive programs and other special programs organized at school.
  • Regular meetings are organized and the principal, the vice-principal, and the coordinator are invited to the meeting compulsorily.

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